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Your power lies in your ability to bring things to life. You dream it and you make it happen. Your commitment to manifesting your desires and getting everything you want in your life is a strength few possess.

You get shit done, Creatrix. No matter the obstacles, you find a way to overcome it. You are well on your way to making your visions a reality. You know how to turn literally nothing into something incredible, and it thrills you to do so. 

But you’re tired of always doing, always moving, always producing, always serving. You wish you felt comfortable resting, but you often feel guilty about “wasting the day”. 

Wait – does this sound like you? 

If you’re thinking “nah…this ain’t it…” then check out the other results. It’s an online quiz, not a crystal ball – sometimes we get it wrong. Sorry about that! 

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Your inner critic rises up as soon as you sit down, so you continue to move, go, be, do. At least it’s fun for you! 

Creatrix, you’ve got a lot going on.

You’ve accomplished so much. From the outside looking in, you seem to have it all figured out. People would say you were successful and doing well for yourself. What people don’t see is that you feel like you can’t sit still or it will all fall apart. 

You fear that if you take a break, people will need you and you won’t be there. Or a really cool opportunity will pop up and you’ll miss out. As much as you enjoy all the many things that you do, you really wish you could rest.

Be mindful of so much *doing* and producing and giving to others that you forget to just *be*. Turn your energy inward and lavish yourself with all the love, care, attention, affection, and concern you give so well to everyone and everything around you.

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As a Creatrix, you can enhance your pleasure and power by strengthening your self-care practice. 

We think you’ll like PLEASE: Radical Self-Care for Wild Women of Color.

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BLACK GIRL BLISS was created in 2015 to help Black women and femmes reclaim their power – the energy we need in order to be, do, and have all that we desire and deserve – by reconnecting to their pleasure – all the things that bring us joy, satisfaction, ease, comfort, love, and peace. 


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