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Book titled "Power: Unleashing Your Divine Dark Feminine for Wild Women of Color" against a dark pink background

Reclaiming the divine feminine magic, pleasure, and power you were born with that is waiting to be freed from the depths of your soul. These pages speak to the ways women of color have been taught to deny who they are, what they want, and what they believe, unlearning what you have been taught about who you should be, and standing confidently in what you know to be true. Embrace your most authentic self and deepest desires so that you can rise to your highest potential rooted in joy, satisfaction, ease, comfort, peace, and bliss.

Book titled "Please: Radical Self-Care for Wild Women of Color" against dark orange background

Prioritizing and pursuing pleasure as a means of radical, intentional, and transformative self-care.These pages speak to the ways in which women of color have been disconnected from our bodies and our wellbeing, unlearning and relearning what it means to put yourself first, all by discovering what truly brings you joy, ease, peace, comfort, and satisfaction.Discover the power of pleasure through tools and techniques that help you manifest the juicy, delicious life you crave.

Rekindling the connection to your pleasure center – the space through which you manifest worlds – regardless of the body parts you do or don’t have. These pages speak to the unique sexual experiences of Black women and femmes in order to help them heal from trauma and miseducation while learning how to powerfully conjure up a life that is dripping with sweetness – all by getting in touch with the one part of yourself that was divinely designed for pleasure. Here, you’ll find stories, sister-girl-talk, and practical, easy-to-do rituals to begin your personal journey of understanding the importance of pleasure, its connection to manifestation, and ways to increase your personal power so you can enjoy #EverydayDeliciousness. 

A coloring book titled "Color Your Bliss: A Self-Care Coloring Book" against a dark purple background

Relax and release your stress with Color Your Bliss: A Self-Care Coloring Book.

70 mandalas, flowers, and beautifully intricate patterns paired with affirmations and mantras for joy, peace, ease, love, and bliss plus five extra patterns for your coloring pleasure. When you finish every page, you’ll have a gorgeous book to come back to for reflection, meditation, and joy.

Journal titled "Two Minutes to Bliss: A Day and Night Guided Journal" against light blue background

Two Minutes to Bliss is a simple way to build the positive habits of reflection, affirmation, and expressing gratitude. This journal asks you to begin and end your day with the things that bring you joy in hopes that you begin to recognize and experience more bliss in your daily life.

Blank journals can be overwhelming. What should you write? Where should you start? How long is this going to take?

This guided journal provides your starting point, helping you process emotions and experiences while setting intentions and plans for the life you desire and deserve – in the shortest possible amount of time.