Since 2015, Black Girl Bliss has been dedicated to helping Black women center themselves and cultivate their sensual, spiritual, and self-care practices so that they can live daily with joy, satisfaction, ease, comfort, love, peace, pleasure, and power.

Black Girl Bliss was inspired by a conversation amongst young women who realized that they had more in common than they thought and that they were not alone in their interests and questions about everything from yoni eggs to African spirituality to mother-daughter relationships and so much more. Seeing the need for all Black women and femmes to have a community to discuss and be supported in all the things they thought made them strange for having done or wanting to experience, Black Girl Bliss was born to create that community. 

When we move in the direction of our desires, when we follow our bliss even when it looks ridiculous to people on the outside looking in, we reclaim more and more of the divine feminine energy we have been denied for so long. This is the power allow us to do, be, and have all that we desire and deserve. This is the power available to us through the pursuit and prioritization of our pleasure.

Black Girl Bliss is a subsidiary of Eleven25 Media – an independent media and company created to amplify authentic stories of Black feminine experience. 


Image of a brown-skinned woman with long curly locs wearing oversized, cheetah print, cat-eye glasses. She is resting her face in her right hand with a closed-mouth smile. A green and brown beaded bracelet is visible on her forearm. She is wearing a yellow printed kaftan barely visible behind her hair.

Creator + Author, Black Girl Bliss

Founder + CEO, Eleven25 Media

Educator, Author, Serial Entrepreneur

Jaiyé (jah-YAY) (she/her) is the creator and author of Black Girl Bliss. Her purpose in life is to use her own experiences and knowledge to help Black women and femmes achieve their dreams and create lives of abundance and ease. 

As an educator, Jaiyé teaches on the topics she wishes someone had taught her when she was a young woman in hopes that those who hear her stories will learn the not-so-hard way. She hopes to help influence generations of free Black women and femmes who stand confidently in the fullness of their authentic selves, unafraid to explore and pursue the things that light them up, and unbound to familial or societal expectations of who they should be, what they should do, and what they are “allowed” to have. 

Jaiyé believes that Black women and femmes deserve the world and so much more and she intends to help them get it by any means necessary.